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How to Improve Your Occupancy Rates Today

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Create Memorable Vacations

Tuscana Resort Orlando strives to help you create an unforgettable vacation experience. Your home sets the stage for fun and relaxation, including five-star restaurants, premium shopping, and the many attractions Orlando and the surrounding area has to offer. Here are some ways you can help improve your occupancy rates today.

Professional Property Management

Our staff is experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly and takes care of all your needs from marketing, reservations, and finance to cleaning and maintaining your property to the highest standards in the business.

While you may be able to try to juggle it all, something could get lost in the shuffle. Repairs or replacement items may be missed, or you may end up not responding to guest requests and questions as quickly as you thought you would be able to.

Marketing and Promotion

We handle everything from start to finish! We offer your property on our website, as well as through popular vacation booking tools like VRBO, Airbnb, HomeAway, Expedia, and Booking.com, as well as local outlets to increase your property’s visibility and create bookings.

Putting your property online is just the first step. You could prepare listings for each of these websites yourself, take the time to post them and maintain the posts, and all the rest. We also know the ins and outs of boosting your property in search results so your property comes up within the first page of results.

Lower Your Minimum Stay

Many vacationers renting a private home may be looking to stay seven or more days, but you want to appeal to clients who may only be staying for a long weekend or under seven days.

By lowering your minimum stay down to three nights, or even just two nights, you’ll attract the clients who would have otherwise booked a hotel. You’ll fill also fill the gaps between longer stays.

Offer Mid-Week Check-In

While many people start vacations on the weekend, if you’re trying to fill the gaps with shorter stays, you’ll want to offer mid-week check-in. Ten-day stays that leave on a Wednesday or Thursday leave a gap until the next weekend check-in. By offering mid-week check-ins, you cover those days you might otherwise lose.

Increase Maximum Stays

By increasing the number of nights that can be booked at once, you may find yourself with less renters, who book for longer. You could also offer monthly or longer stays and play host to new residents looking for a permanent home, or workers who have been relocated and need a consistent place to stay.


Going hand-in-hand with professional management is always being on-call. Guests who encounter an issue during their stay will want it fixed quickly so they can continue to enjoy vacation. A quick call to the office will get the problem addressed and fixed much more quickly than if you organized it yourself. Guests will go home to tell their friends about their awesome experiences rather than problems they had that were never addressed.

The Right Price at the Right Time

Prices skyrocket in the high season and lower a bit at other times of year. We constantly monitor the market, and price your property in-line with what other similar properties are renting for. We can even help you with strategies like lowering your price just a little more to be the unit a potential client chooses. In today’s economy, even a few dollars a night can potentially sway a prospective client.

Pay Attention to Detail

Each time a guest steps through the door of your property, they hope to find their perfect paradise. After each guest departs, and frequently between bookings, the cleaning and maintenance staff inspect and clean the property. We look for damaged and broken items, all the way down to stains or tears in linens. If your property offers patio furniture in the outdoor space, we make sure everything is in top shape there, too. We strive to help you keep the highest quality product inside and outside your home.

Appeal to Last Minute Renters

It can be difficult to plan a spur-of-the-moment getaway. People take vacations at all times of year for all sorts of reasons, and a last-minute getaway is sometimes just what’s needed. If you offer the flexibility of booking on short notice, you’ll attract renters who would have otherwise booked a hotel.

Highlight the Benefits of the Area

Tuscana Resort Orlando is located near a variety of fun and exciting activities and attractions. We’re just a short drive to many of the places you came to see and enjoy, including the Disney parks, Universal, International Drive, and more.

We highlight these attributes regularly, so guests looking for a quiet stay but still close to the things they came for will be clicking Book Now.

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When it comes to improving occupancy rental rates, don’t try to do it all yourself. When you choose a property at Tuscana Resort Orlando, you can stop worrying. We put our top-notch guest and vendor relations to use, including unbeatable response times to any concern. We maximize your ROI as a homeowner by marketing your property throughout the year, not just during peak season.

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