Travelers can enjoy a taste of Tuscany in so many ways. They can, of course, visit the country where the sun-kissed slopes of grapevines bring the world so much pleasure in their later form as wine. They can enjoy a fine meal at that sweet little Tuscan restaurant located down the street from their homes, sipping great wine and savoring every bite. Or, and this last one is our favorite, they can enjoy a taste of Tuscany along with a visit to Florida, staying in this charming Tuscany Resort vacation condo! Offering 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a dreamy getaway for up to 6 guests, your escape to Orlando, already destined to be a fabulous one, will be greater than you ever dreamed it could be when you choose Unit 3205 for your sanctuary. Sit back, pour yourself a glass of Italian red, and start preparing for the trip of a lifetime, spent in the cozy surroundings of this beautiful condo!

The Unexpected

You may expect a condo decorated with wicker furnishings and a lot of signs telling you how to get to the beach, but unit 3205 is about to blow those expectations out of the water! Step inside a space that feels warm and cozy, offering the soft and rich colors of Tuscany, while providing all the comforts of home. An open-concept floor plan reveals the beauty of all the public spaces in just one glance, starting with the living room, the chief hang-out zone of any home. Sink into the velvety depths of the sofa that anchors this room, offering a perfect view of the state-of-the-art cable access television mounted on the wall directly opposite and of the balcony that peers out through the trees, giving this room the feel of a very luxurious treehouse! The dining room is the center of this triangle of comfort, sitting between the kitchen and the living room, yet very much maintaining its own space. A dark wood table imparts an air of old country family, perched under a trio of pictures depicting the charm of Tuscany and providing the ideal spot in which to eat, play, and relax in between Florida adventures. With just a few short steps, the meals can be carried from the breakfast bar that separates the kitchen from the dining room, and the dirty dishes can be carried back to be placed in the dishwasher of the fully equipped kitchen. Cabinets stained a rich mahogany, granite countertops, and updated appliances, large and small, fill the footprint of this charming space, and even as it may only be used for storing donuts and keeping wine chilled, it is still one of the most important rooms in the condo! Pour a glass of your favorite and take it out to the bistro table that rests on the balcony, enjoying the sounds of night in the Tuscana Resort community and feeling any remaining tensions drift from your shoulders like an unneeded cape!

Sleep Well, Dear Guests in Unit 3205

As we enter the age of adulthood, we leave behind a lot of things, including the ability to easily fall asleep! Maybe it’s the never-ending list of responsibilities, maybe it’s the jobs we take to heart, or maybe it’s the fear that we can’t protect our kids every second of every day, but whatever the reason, sleep just seems to constantly evade us. Anywhere but here in Unit 3205, that is! The bedrooms of this spacious escape are designed to bring guests that which they so richly deserve, a long and restful night filled with deep sleep and happy dreams. The primary and second bedrooms of this beautiful unit both contain king beds topped with silky linens. The primary suite is an ensuite model, providing a television for entertainment and a private bath. The third bedroom, designed to please, provides two twin beds, and access to the shared bath, making it a great space in which your littles will happily fall asleep! Every night will be your favorite and as you wake up every morning, at first you may be confused that it didn’t take an alarm clock to jar you out of your fitful sleep. No, you will be rested and relaxed and more than ready for another fulfilling day of Florida adventures and the confusion will soon end!

Under the Tuscana Resorts Sun

What condo community would be complete without a resort pool for guests to chill by? Fortunately, you don’t have to know the answer to that question, as Tuscana Resort offers a crystal clear pool, surrounded by lounge chairs and cabanas, ensuring that your time in the sun will be cool, comfortable, and fun! Reserve Unit 3250 today and discover all the ways we make sure that our guests are happy, comfortable, and satisfied!