Just like that, it is time to start thinking about the first of the summer holidays, and as you begin to make plans for a summer filled with pool parties, barbecues, and long, lazy days where you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, your thoughts may turn to dreams of Disney and an Orlando getaway with Tuscana Resort! You are a discerning traveler, so we know that you only want the best in your vacation escape, so of course you have done the research, and this guide to the homes we offer and the dreams we can help you come true will help you consider making a Memorial Day in Orlando a family tradition you never want to end. Spend your days enjoying these exciting activities and come home every night to enjoy even more delights and discover what makes this part of the world so attractive to anyone who visits during Memorial Day in Orlando!

Step into Beauty This Memorial Day in Orlando

The townhome community of Tuscana Resort offers a variety of community amenities that you may want to spend your Memorial Day exploring, including the resort pool and hot tub, the toddler-sized outdoor chess board, (and by toddler-sized, we mean that the pieces are the size of a toddler!) even a 30-seat movie theater that may show some of your favorite holiday-themed movies.

Step into the townhomes, however, and fall in love with the spaces that will shelter you in between Orlando adventures, helping you and your family make memories you will never forget! The living rooms give guests a chill space in which to hang out while watching the Indianapolis 500 on large-screened televisions that center the room. The kitchens of Tuscana Resort are destined to popular spaces, even on vacation as guests keep coffee brewing, drinks cold, and conversations going throughout what might be considered chores at home! Here is where you can whip together a Memorial Day cocktail, perhaps a Memorial Day daquiri with layers of red, white, and blue frozen goodness to go along with your favorite holiday meal! The dining rooms of our homes, just as in your own homes, serve as family central, giving guests a place to play board games that may be found in cabinets or on shelves or were carried cross-country in your luggage. Of course, any meals prepared in our fully equipped kitchens will be enjoyed in these rooms, and if you care to participate in a favored Florida activity, empty all the pieces of the puzzle out on the table for everyone to contemplate and work on throughout the holiday. (A Memorial Day themed one, perhaps?)

After the kids have fallen asleep, sitting out on the patio of our holiday havens will give tired parents a respite from the frenetic fun had at the theme parks, and as the moon rises higher, we have a feeling it won’t be much longer before you find yourself sliding into our cloud soft beds yourselves! The bedrooms—and we offer 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom condos, ensuring that most every family has the space they need—are tranquil and welcoming spaces providing modern conveniences and all the creature comforts that will help each night’s sleep last as long as needed and be as deep as preferred.

Honor the Reason Behind the Holiday

Of course, as you are sleeping late every day of your stay, exploring the streets of Disney, and generally just living out your vacation dreams, there is a meaning behind the holiday that brought you to our doorstep, and a visit to Orlando Veteran’s Memorial Park can give you the place to pay homage to your own fallen heroes as well as to the many memorialized here. Featuring memorials for the Daughters of the American Revolution, Pearl Harbor Survivor’s Association, the United States Marine Corps, and many more paved paths leading guests through its area, the lake views will burrow your way into your heart. This small park has a big heart itself and is the perfect spot to give a moment of contemplation to the fallen heroes in your family.

The town of Kissimmee offers another way to celebrate this important holiday, offering a sunset promenade on May 26th through May 30th to honor those who sacrificed it all for our freedom. The Memorial Day 4-Day Weekend also provides live entertainment, delicious food, and a street party you will never want to end, which is probably why they offer a 4th day of fun for your holiday excitement!

Play Hard, Relax Even Harder

Days and nights in Orlando are long and beautiful and filled with fun and relaxation, both of which you can enjoy without even having to leave your Tuscana Resort holiday haven. Reserve your favorite today!