Offering a hint of Italy in our all-American state of Florida, our Tuscana Resort Unit 7408 is a popular escape for families and friends, offering three serene bedrooms, two spacious bathrooms, and room for up to six people to live together in peace and harmony. Located just minutes away from the playgrounds of Disney, Universal Studios, and all of the other theme parks that make this part of Florida stand out, it is the perfect haven for those who want to visit the parks. Even those who are avoiding the crowds, however, will want to experience the quiet luxuries and wonderful comforts of this sweet sanctuary, and our guide to all its charms will provide travelers with a little extra encouragement to choose Tuscana Resort and this lovely condo for their Florida adventures!

Warm and Welcoming

Florida vacation properties all seem to offer either a sea theme or a Disney theme in their décor, but Unit 7408 is different. Designed for comfort, the warm colors found throughout the space hint at old world charm. In the living room, a cabinet with a barn door adds charm to the light filled room as it also gives the state-of-the-art television a place to rest. Plush sofas the color of doves anchor the space, settling onto wood floors that are polished to a golden glow. The dining room, perhaps the true heart of the home, provides more old-world charm appearing in the form of a dark wood table surrounded by six matching chairs and in the artwork hanging on the wall. This is where board games will be played, puzzles will be built, conversations will be had, and meals will be devoured. Much like in your own home, the dining room is where the important discussions are held and may be the space where your college aged daughter tells you she found the job of her dreams or your grown son announces he will be marrying the woman of his!

The open concept floor plan of your home sweet vacation home ensures that guests can be doing their own thing in each of the spaces provided while still remaining connected, and the kitchen, the final leg of the public spaces, is destined to be the most popular room in the home. Offering a cheery vibe, the hint of Italy in this room lies in the dark wood cabinets and warm toned granite counters. You can almost imagine the counters laden with classic Italian dishes and you can almost hear the laughter and excited conversations that would be held here in the old country, but you may not use this updated space for anything more than keeping coffee hot, wine cold, and snacks stored. There is a plethora of delicious restaurants in Orlando and the surrounding towns, and if you choose to take a vacation from kitchen duties and explore all the culinary options, no one will judge you at all! A patio with a bistro table and chairs offers a secondary option for enjoying the snacks you sneak from the kitchen and as you sit and relax on a quiet night enjoying the sights and sounds from your balcony perch, the peace you have felt since you first stepped inside will grow deeper.

Sleep Deep at Tuscana Resort Unit 7408

A Florida vacation practically guarantees that you will be on the go all day, visiting your favorite movie and television stars in their homes, (Mickey, Minnie, the princesses, Harry Potter, Anakin Skywalker, etc.) and when night falls, you may discover that it is easier to fall asleep here than in your own home. Part of that is due to extreme exhaustion—vacations can be exhausting—but the biggest reason will be the neutral décor and creature comforts found in the bedrooms of Unit 7408. King beds offer premium mattresses and silky soft linens in two of the three bedrooms, and televisions are mounted to the walls of all three bedrooms, giving guests a way to wind down for the night and quiet the noises in their head. The third bedroom offers two twin beds and a space for the kiddos to dream their happiest dreams every night of your stay. Both bathrooms of Unit 7408 offer walk in showers and a complimentary supply of fine quality toiletries and tucked away behind a closet door, visitors will find a stacked washer and dryer that will come in very handy if you packed lightly for this trip!

A Swimming Pool Too?

The resort pool in Tuscany Resort may be your favorite amenity as you and the rest of your traveling party lounge, splash, and play under a sunny Florida sky! The tan you build, the relaxation you discover, and the luxuries that unfold in Unit 7408 will ensure that every day is the best day of your vacation escape to Orlando. Reserve this beautiful property today!