Orlando is a town that has everything! From theme parks to internationally acclaimed restaurants to so many opportunities to have fun and adventure it almost won’t seem fair to the rest of the world, so of course, when you first start to think about where you should celebrate Cinco de Mayo, we would be very surprised if Orlando didn’t pop into your mind immediately! Even as this day celebrating a very important victory for Mexico over France isn’t one you may normally consider traveling on, the fact that it falls on a Friday in 2023 makes it a little easier to incorporate into your very busy schedule! Choose to make yourself a priority on this South of the border-inspired celebration and add a stay in our Tuscana Resorts’ happy hideaways to add luxury, style, and much-needed comfort to your celebration, with the latter being something you will especially appreciate the morning after! (Remember your morning after St. Patrick’s Day? Add tequila to the celebration and you will truly understand the beauty of having someplace special to recuperate in!)

Cinco de Mayo at SeaWorld, April 27-May 7

Surprise! A theme park will be celebrating this spring holiday and as you explore life under the sea, the party starts in earnest in the Artic Plaza of SeaWorld! Offering live music, stilt walkers, and a taste of Mexico that will affirm your love of the cuisine, this is the most fun you can have on land without alcohol, but if you want a little something, something to go with your fiesta, there are restaurants on the premises that sell beer, wine, and cocktails, so be sure and check it out while you are there!

Cinco de Mayo Scrapbooking Style, May 4, Townplace Suites by Marriott in Buena Vista

Cinco de Mayo is also known as National Scrapbooking Day and starting May 4, there is a 4-day scrapbooking convention that will be a blast for those so inclined! Costing $175 for a 6-foot table space, a price that includes dinner on Friday and Saturday nights, there will be prizes, goody bags, and vendors selling all the cool things you need for your scrapbooking activities, but never knew existed!

Join in the Fun This Cinco de Mayo in Orlando!

Not everyone wants to play at theme parks and scrapbook conventions, but that’s ok, we can promise that the entertainment options you prefer will be plentiful! Listed below in no particular order, the drinks will flow and good times will be had, no matter which venue you choose to explore!

Orlando Cinco de Mayo Bar Crawl, May 6th, 1 PM, Various Locations: Offering drink specials, free entry, a digital map, and live music, this fun event will ensure you remember nothing the next day as you make your way from bar to bar late into the night!

Cinco de Mayo Bash at Johnny’s Other Side, 1619 E Michigan Street, May 5: Orlando’s hottest party band will be playing on this special day, increasing your options for a truly bueno fiesta! Sip, savor, and show off your suave side as you drink and dance the night away with your favorite traveling companions and some new Orlando friends!

Cinco de Mayo the Right Guey, Downtown Orlando, May 5 Starting at 5 PM: This street carnival is guaranteed to be the best place in town to party the night away, offering rides, games, live entertainment, mechanical bulls, and, hmmm, are we forgetting something? Oh yeah, TEQUILA!

We Think You Get the Picture!

These are just a few of the events destined to make your 5th of May getaway to the Theme Park Capital of the world one of the best adventures you have ever experienced and although the above-listed events are organized ones, we can assure you that any bar or nightclub in Orlando and the surrounding communities will offer some sort of Cinco de Mayo celebration, so all you need to do is get here, get settled into your Tuscana Resort haven, and prepare to party!

Or Choose to Stay in for the Night

Of course, hitting the roads on a night dedicated to drinking may not be your thing, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the party idea! Our Tuscana Resorts escapes offering all the comforts of home and a safe way to celebrate! Fully equipped kitchens often provide blenders to help you make the perfect frozen margarita but if not, it’s ok, margaritas on the rocks provide more of a kick! Prepare a pitcher or two, and turn your phone or laptop to your favorite streaming channels for a night of mariachi and madness (or 80s rock; there really aren’t any rules as to the music you listen to!) Reserve your favorite casa today and spend Cinco de Mayo in Orlando!