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Once again, the people in our great nation have made it through another difficult time period. It wasn’t always pretty, and much pain and sadness were involved, but we find ourselves on the other side now, trying to regain the status quo. The doors to the world are open again, and as many travelers are again making their ways to our Orlando doorstep, they are also seeking ways back to normal. Supporting local businesses at home and in your travels may be the simplest way to do so, and if your vacation journey has brought you to Orlando and a stay in one of our Tuscana Resorts Orlando escapes, well, you have made the first of many steps. We too are a local business, hiring people from our community to ensure you are at your most comfortable, shopping, living, and playing on the streets and in the Orlando businesses you are about to explore. This guide to some of our favorite local businesses will enable you to have a fun time while doing a great deed!

A Spiral Circle Metaphysical Bookstore & Boutique, 750 N Thornton Avenue

There is a very good chance that the bookshelves of your Tuscana Resort sanctuary will be lined with a few books for your reading pleasures, but readers the world over know that you can never have too many books, and A Spiral Circle offers a unique set of tomes destined to change your life! Offering spiritual and self help books, they also provide a meditation room, Intuitive Readers, and small gifts and art objects that you won’t want to leave behind.

Lure Paper Goods, 1009 Virginia Drive

The lure of a new notebook is one that is quite understandable. The cute covers, the interior pages just waiting to be filled with drawings or wise words. Whether you choose to immediately fill the pages or prefer to wait for something special, the notebooks at Lure will speak to your heart! Also offering cards and posters, the items found in this local store won’t weigh your luggage down on your return home.

The Owl’s Attic, 3106 Corrine Drive

If you have spent any time in clothing boutiques lately, you know the prices for your favorite designer items have reached all time highs. Even those who don’t normally think about the cost of nice things are pausing before handing over their credit cards, but when you visit one of our absolute fave shops, The Owl’s Attic, you won’t have to think twice. This charming vintage shop offers a well-timed peek into the past, specializing in clothing, accessories, and even home décor from the 50s all the way through the 90s and beyond. (But the owner’s flower child heart beats a little faster at items from the 60s and 70s!) Bring back a treasure from this well designed little shop and support a local business at the same time.

Gideon’s Bakehouse, East End Market, 3201 Corrine Drive

Stocking your vacation home pantry has never been as delicious as it will be when you stop in Gideon’s Bakehouse. Offering fresh baked cookies that you won’t be able to enjoy anywhere else in the world, (There’s a seven-cookie limit for drop ins, so you may want to preorder by visiting their website.) this sweet sanctuary is one you will want to visit a few times during your stay!

Support Orlando Businesses at the Orlando Farmers Market, 20 N Eola Drive

You can’t get much more local than a farmers’ market, and the Orlando Farmers Market, open on Sundays from 10 AM until 3 PM, offers another way to stock the kitchen and to pick up a few gifts for your family members you weren’t able to bring along for the trip. Offering locally grown produce, baked goods, arts, and crafts, spending a few hours exploring the aisles of this outdoor market may be your favorite part of your stay!

Black Rooster Taqueria, 1323 N Mills Avenue & 3097 Curry Ford Road

Tacos are fast becoming America’s favorite handheld, and Black Rooster Taqueria is our favorite place to enjoy the trend. Offering two locations in Orlando, this local restaurant offers farm to taco freshness, ensuring that the ingredients that make up these delicious treats are also grown and produced locally. Inexpensive and outrageously tasty, even though your Tuscana Resort kitchen is fully equipped, (and probably fully stocked after your trip to the farmers market) you will want to make plans to eat at Black Rooster Taqueria at least once and probably will do so at least twice!

Come Home to Tuscana Resort

As we mentioned earlier on, the most comfortable way of shopping local is by choosing Tuscana Resort for your vacation sanctuary. Reserve your favorite today!

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