The age old tradition of documenting our travels with photographs has evolved over the last decade, including the all-important selfie pics to ensure that yes, our friends and family know we were at the Eiffel Tower, the Washington Memorial, or, and our own personal favorite, the Happiest Place on Earth, otherwise known as Disney! We have mastered the art of smiling happily while the Hogwarts stands somewhat sinisterly in the background and the resulting photographs tend to be our favorites. No matter whether you are taking a selfie to remember your times at Disney World, framing shots filled with the tropical beauty of our Orlando landscape or are taking a family picture to grace the front of your annual Christmas card, we at Tuscana Resorts invite you to not just stay in our comfortably luxurious Florida escapes, but to visit these most photographable places during your Orlando journey!

The Wheel at ICON Park, 8375 International Drive

Everyone knows that the best views are the bird’s eye ones and although we don’t have any mountains to climb and photograph from, the Wheel at ICON Park takes guests on a journey 400 feet in the air, offering views of the landscape you won’t have to forget because you will be taking as many pictures as you can at every revolution! Ferris wheels have always provided the best places to snuggle with the ones you love and to take pictures that stun and the Wheel is no exception!

Mead Botanical Garden, 1300 S Denning Drive in Winter Park

Bringing your shots back down to earth and engaging in a small road trip as well, the Mead Botanical Garden in nearby Winter Park offers over 45 acres of natural beauty with a history that goes back over 75 years and we can promise that every picture will be worthy of framing, ensuring that your memories of Orlando will be visible to all who visit your home!

Lake Eola Park, 512 E Washington Street

As you might expect, a park is a wonderful place to take the best photographs, selfie, natural, or otherwise, and Lake Eola Park may become your obsession while you’re here, offering many opportunities to snap the perfect pic! Take a selfie with your favorite traveling partner from the seat of the swan pedal boats, perhaps with the Lake Eola Fountain blossoming behind you and know that this will be the image you will hold close to your heart forevermore. Or visit after dark (this park stays open late) and get an unforgettable shot of the city lights as well as the fountain, as it glows in a multicolored array of LED lighting after the sun sets! There’s no bad time to take a picture in Lake Eola Fountain!

Better Than Sex Restaurant, 1905 N Orange Avenue

For this next snap, we are going to take you in a different and delicious direction. Another trend that we haven’t mentioned before, is the one of taking pictures of meals before the first bite has been taken. We’ll be honest, this isn’t a trend we have managed to follow because we at Tuscana Resorts are ready to dig in by the time our dish arrives, but we do love the pics that come across our news feeds, especially when they are shots taken of the decadent delights served at the Better than Sex restaurant! Serving rich and beautiful desserts with slightly naughty names, you may want to keep your camera at the ready, because we suggest that you will be unable to wait more than a few seconds to start devouring! Only offering dessert, this is not a spot to visit if you are trying to be healthy but if you love to live the good life, it is the first place we recommend, with or without taking pictures!

Tom Fruin’s Glass House, 13615 Sachs Avenue

Built on the shores of Lake Nona, Tom Fruin’s Glass house actually looks like one of the stained glass structures from your Christmas village has sprung to life! Creating a colorful backdrop to your selfies you might prefer to make it the background for your annual Christmas card photo! At night it is lit from within, adding a festive charm to your pictures and if you really want to go the extra step, a sunset pic of this glass house created entirely from reclaimed items will make a stunning addition to your gallery wall of frames at home!

Your Tuscana Resort Vacation Escape Perfect for Your Orlando Journey

The quietly luxurious moments you enjoy in our Tuscana Resort’s vacation escapes may provide the most beautiful pictures of all! Candid family shots taken while playing board games at night, sunset pics taken from the balconies that overlook the community, even moments by the pool that you will wish never had to end. All of these photos may be the ones you cherish forever, simply because you were with family! Reserve your favorite Tuscana Resort photo studio, er, we mean sanctuary today!