If your typical winter day involves shoveling snow, avoiding icy steps, and bundling up so you resemble a snowman looking fluffy and round, you may be looking for a respite before the season ends. Who doesn’t get tired of endless cold, gray skies, and other drivers who haven’t learned to drive in snowy conditions, even though they may have been born and raised in the white stuff? If we have described your feelings toward the season, we invite you to join Tuscana Resort for winter in Orlando for a fabulous winter vacation that will make you wish you never had to return to the cold, sleet, ice, and snow of your own hometown! This guide to sunny days, warm temperatures, and a winter vibe that encompasses the laid back days of summer will give you a little something to get excited about in the weeks that lie ahead!

Leave Your Mittens Behind!

Winter temperatures in Orlando tend to stay a balmy 70+ degrees, ensuring that you can pack all your summer clothes, leaving the heavier items behind. This is helpful on more than one level, as summer attire takes up less space and leaves more room in your luggage for the souvenirs you will be shopping for, and they also help lighten the mood of your soul. Your Tuscana Resort offers a community pool that is heated and a hot tub for your enjoyment, so be sure not to forget to pick that new swimsuit you only got to wear a few times last summer! And because the amenities of Tuscana Resort are so plentiful, you may want to plan on spending at least one day out of your winter escape hanging out “at home” to experience them all! A toddler sized chess board, the pool and hot tub, a fitness center, and a sun deck designed to help visitors soak up all the Vitamin D they crave (How long HAS it been since you last saw the sun at home?) are just a sampling of what you can expect from your Tuscana Resort winter adventures!

A Walk in the Park This Winter in Orlando

This IS the Theme Park Capital of the World, and so yes, we are encouraging you to schedule some theme parks into your itinerary! Check out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, looking especially festive over the Christmas holidays, and wow your kids with the magic of a fireworks show at Disney on New Year’s Eve. But remember: Even if you are visiting when it isn’t the holiday, all the fun you enjoyed during your summer visit will still be on the table! Plus, the near perfect weather will ensure that you enjoy your time at the parks even more.

To the Moon and Beyond

When you want to go beyond the realms of normal touristy things, a visit to the Kennedy Space Center fits the bill! Offering a glimpse into the space history of our nation and named for John F. Kennedy after his tragic demise, the space center provides an exciting adventure that will never be forgotten. Explore the US Astronaut Hall of Fame, take a walk through the Rocket Gardens in which genuine rockets from a variety of NASA’s space programs are planted, and take a tour of the Kennedy Space Center on a bus, just to start—there are so many more things to do, we can’t begin to cover it all here—and when you want to take it to the next level, check out their Astronaut Training Experience Center.

Summer Adventures in the Middle of Winter

Our mild climate ensures that no matter what your summer interests are you can partake in the deepest, not so darkest, days of winter! Take a Kayak Tour with Florida Kayak Tours, play mini golf at Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf, or because adults need fun too, explore the world-class golf courses that can be found in the area! Make your winter break a summer blast as you make a tee time every day at Orlando’s Best Golf Course, Shingle Creek Golf Club. Enjoy the sights of Orlando from 400 feet high in the air with a ride on ICON Orlando 360 monster Ferris wheel or stay closer to the earth with hiking tours on some of our town’s best trails.

Cozy Moments and Comfortable Adventures

As you relive summer in the middle of winter, coming home to our Tuscana Resort seasonal sanctuaries will give you some of the coziest moments and most comfortable adventures! Relax, recharge, and relish some of the most stunning sunsets you have ever experienced in your life, often by simply sitting out on the balcony of your winter escape. Reserve your favorite hideaway today and bank all the moments of sunshine you can get before returning to the winter wonderland of your own hometown!