A Florida vacation is a vacation that is guaranteed to be peaceful, fun, and laidback, and when you choose Tuscana Resort for your vacation accommodations, you know that your getaway will be lifted to the next level of wonderful! Offering a short commute to the theme parks, shops, and restaurants that make the Orlando area one of the most popular destinations in the US, every minute of your days with us will be filled with happy adventures, while every night will offer the most comfortable adventures—especially when you choose Unit 6107 for your haven! It offers two serene bedrooms, two spacious baths, and a modern style that is designed to appeal to sophisticated adults, as we know that it isn’t just the under 18 set that enjoys a Disney getaway. This guide to the grown-up charms of Unit 6107 will be all you need to start hoping the days that lead up to your exciting Florida trip of a lifetime pass by so very quickly!

Loaded with Style

Not all vacation properties are created equal, and when you step inside this spacious condo for the first time, you will understand why Tuscana Resort is one of the most popular vacation property management companies. Engineered hardwood floors add a luxurious touch to the beautifully styled spaces, and an open concept floor plan allows guests to stay connected, even as they go about the very important business of vacationing in their own inimitable style!

The tour for Unit 6107 starts a little differently than most of our walkthroughs, as the kitchen is conveniently located just inside the front door, making it easy to unload groceries without having to trek through the entire space. Dark stained wood cabinets add a homey feel to the space, while stone countertops and stainless steel appliances provide a sleek and modern appeal that will help take the dreariness out of kitchen chores. An elevated breakfast bar, fronted by two cushioned iron barstools, helps give the appearance of tidiness, hiding any mess that the cook of the day may be making, while also providing a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning; the coffee maker is a standard amenity in all of our Tuscana Resort sanctuaries, as we KNOW the importance of starting each day properly caffeinated!

The dining room lies just beyond the kitchen, offering a long dark wood table surrounded by matching cushioned chairs. The cushions are important as guests will often spend a lot of their downtime in these spots, playing games with the kids, devouring meals, even putting together puzzles in spare moments between outdoor adventures. A modern light fixture and a large, gilded frame mirror opposite help keep the space light, no matter how dark it is outside, and those cushions help keep your own seat from feeling numb!

The flooring changes at the entrance of the living room, with thick and soft carpeting meandering across the wood floors in a river-like pattern. Curl your toes into its plush depths as you make your way to the soft sofa topped with microfiber material in a yummy chocolate shade and sink into its plush depths to watch your favorite shows on a super-sized modern television mounted to the wall opposite. Sliding glass doors lead out to a charming patio that looks out over the Tuscana Resort community, offering an iron bistro table and chairs on which you can sit and relax in the beautiful weather before retiring to the bedroom retreats inside.

The décor of Tuscana Resort is definitely Tuscan themed, offering artwork painted in traditional Italian colors, and warmth that makes every guest feel especially welcomed. The two bedrooms, one a master suite with en suite bath and king bed, and the other offering two twin beds with access to the main bath, both provide serene spaces that ensure that dreams will be happy ones, something that just adds to the wonder of your Florida vacation!

The Fun Continues at Unit 6107

Access to community amenities may mean that much of your vacation may be spent frolicking in and around the resort pool, watching the kiddos hold underwater tea parties while sipping tropical drinks under shaded cabanas. Not every minute needs to be spent touristing, and the quiet moments you spend inside and outside Unit 6107 will bring about some of the most cherished memories! Of course, the proximity of Tuscana Resort to the major theme parks pretty much guarantees that you will be spending a lot of time exploring all the fun they offer, but you will know that comfort, peace, and more fun awaits you back at your home sweet vacation condo!

Families Love Us

This charming two-bedroom condo is perfect for small families, providing a generous space for up to four guests. Reserve Unit 6107 today and enjoy a family vacation you will never forget!