Real life can put a strain on even the best of relationships as couples spend their time and put their energies into work, school, and chores, which is why, date night should be a vital addition to your honey-do list! And when your journey brings you to Orlando, whether it is just the two of you or you are traveling with your best friends, including at least one date night will take your vacation to the next level of wonderful! Spend the evening getting to know your favorite human all over again and come home every night for more comfortable adventures in our Tuscana Resort love nests! And because you probably don’t know all the wonderful things there is to do in Orlando, we have provided this guide to the PERFECT Orlando date night on your vacation in paradise!

Swan Boats at Sunset

The Swan Boats at Lake Eola Park have long been a local date night adventure, and depending on the season you are visiting, paddling around the lakes at sunset will amp the romance factor up to the next level. They close at 7 p.m., so summer visitors won’t be able to experience this beautiful activity, but as we move later into the fall season, starting around the middle of October, our Florida sunset will be even more amazing when viewed from the center of the lake with your favorite human at your side!

DoveCote Restaurant, 390 N Orange Avenue

Nobody does romance like the French, even their language is known as the language of love, so planning a romantic meal at DoveCote will definitely make this night shine bright! Offering a stellar dining experience for lunch and dinner, this restaurant is located downtown near some of our town’s biggest landmarks and is actually next door to the Amway Center which is home to the Orlando Magic! Enjoy a romantic dinner with the love of your life (their truffled pork chops are simply divine!) and head next door feeling full and even more in love to explore Magic of a different kind!

Since You’re Already in the Neighborhood!

After a delicious meal of pork chops and fine French wine, the best way to work off some of those extra calories is by cheering on one of the finest teams in the NBA, the Orlando Magic! Of course, we understand that you may have your own favorite team to cheer on and if you time it right, you may even be able to catch your home team playing ours! The 2023 season begins on October 24th, but our first home game will be on the 27th, playing against the Trailblazers, and promises to be an exciting season opener!

Not Everyone is a Sports Fan for an Orlando Date Night

Of course, the romance of sports may not be for everyone, and if that is the case, you may want to enjoy a little steamy windshield magic with a visit to a retro favorite, a drive-in theater! Orlando proper does not offer any drive-ins, but if you’re up for a little drive on this night meant for love, The Silver Moon Drive-In Theater, 4100 New Tampa Highway, is located in Lakeland, just 56 miles away. Watch (or don’t watch!) new releases under the light of the new moon, snuggling and canoodling as you share a bucket of popcorn and sip sodas on another glorious Florida fall night! For those who remember the “good old days” of scratchy sound quality emitting from speakers you hang over the window, you will appreciate that the sound is much clearer and comes from the FM radio channels of your car! Ticket prices are amazingly low, just $8 per person compared with almost twice that in standard theaters making it the ideal experience to fit into a limited vacation budget! Also, weekend days offer a Swap Meet, so if you are looking for a bargain shopping expedition stop on by!

Tuscana Resorts Welcomes Love

Your real life is filled with interruptions and probably can be a little too people-y for romance so you may decide that the perfect date night can take place without leaving the boundaries of your Tuscana Resort honeymoon hideaway! Sitting out on the balcony overlooking the community sipping wine, sharing secrets, and raising a toast to the sunset, watching romantic movies while snuggling together on super soft sofas, even puttering around our fully equipped kitchens, creating each other’s favorite dishes as you laugh, talk, and sip more wine; these are all activities that will ensure that this date night is one you wish would never end and will remember forever! And, because our lush and tranquil bedrooms are just steps away from the public spaces of our cozy condos, well, you won’t have far to go to take the night to the next level! Reserve your favorite today!