It is that time of the year again for couples to show love and adoration for each other. It takes more than just chocolates, roses, and cards to create a memorable Valentine’s Day experience. Florida’s city of Orlando has all it takes for a marvelous couple’s outing. From aquatic adventures to the beautiful weather, here’s all you need to know about Valentine’s Day in Orlando.

Beautiful Weather

Valentine’s Day usually comes towards the end of the winter season. During this time, the weather feels chilly with snow falling everywhere. Fortunately, the experience is the direct opposite in Orlando. This part of Florida sees significant amounts of sunshine several hours a day during winter. Leave your winter boots at home and embrace the shining sun of the East Coast.

The beautiful views of the sunshine are everything you would want to see on such a special occasion. Besides absorbing the freshest dose of Vitamin D, you also enjoy adventuring out there under the shining sun. With averages of 70 degrees Fahrenheit, temperatures are at their sweet spot during this season making it perfect for adventures.


Even in the absence of an active coastline, Orlando is still a force in the field of watersports. It is a city of multiple waterparks and lakes that make up for the absence of a coastline.

Parks in the city have all the water activities you would want to explore on such special celebrations. From swimming near the shore to exploring the deep end of the lakes, you have it all in Orlando.

Boat rides are part of the romantic adventures that await in the city. If you like it more adventurous, you can opt for kayaking and paddle boarding.

Exotic Couples’ Dinning

Valentine’s and couples’ dinner are two things that are hard to separate. Even with the high-end kitchens in your rented holiday home, you will at some point need to dine outside.

Orlando has made a name for itself in the areas of food and hospitality. On special dates like Valentine’s, restaurants in the city have pre-organized parties for couples. Reserve your place in any of the high-end restaurants in the city and show up for the event when the time comes.

Orlando is a city of exciting menus that go beyond the usual seafood delicacies. Valentine’s Day specials have everything you would want for such a special occasion. Also, there are drinks to complement the night experience.

Movies Under the Stars

The Valentine’s experience in Orlando is all about the small things. It is because of those little things that you will have an unforgettable experience out there. At the height of the love season, parks in the city organize movie events for different ages. If you came as a family, there are kid-friendly movies for you to enjoy.

For the romantic partners, there is a whole different section for you. Doing all these under the night skies is part of the memorable experiences that characterize your Valentine’s celebrations in Orlando.

The Nightlife

The Valentine’s experience in Orlando goes beyond the much-publicized movies and exotic dining. The untold part of the experience is the electrifying nightlife that greets you in the city.

After a day of dining and interacting with other couples, there is no better way to sum up your Valentine’s experience in the city. Orlando is a city of multiple high-end entertainment joints. Hop into any of the facilities in the area and party the night away. Drink your favorite shots and dance all night long as you profess love and affection for one another.

Luxurious Holiday Rentals

The luxurious nature of holiday rentals in Orlando is part of the reasons why you are flying to the city for your Valentine’s celebration. These properties feature state-of-the-art amenities that complement your stay in the city.
Kitchens have been designed to match the look and feel of a modern-day home. Featuring quality stainless appliances, you will have fun preparing dinner for your partner.

The living room is designed as an in-house entertainment hub. Armed with a TV and satellite, you are not missing out on any of your favorite shows.

Other properties are designed with private outdoor pools that come in handy on those sunny afternoons in the city. The presence of hot tubs means not even the setting sun can come in between you and your splash.

If you have a fitness routine that you have been following religiously, you are in the right place to keep it going. With the fitness centers fitted in these properties, it will be easy to induct your partner into the world of physique training.

Valentine’s Rentals in Orlando

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day rentals in Orlando shouldn’t always be a daunting task. With us is a list of curated rental properties perfect for the day. Get in touch with us for your Orlando Valentine’s rentals.